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We are.. the Solution is not just a slogan, it is a promise.

In the world of business consulting, goal planning, and gannt charts, it is easy to see why a lot of small businesses shudder to think about the true goals of most consultants. In the world of SEO, Social Media Marketing, and website design, many small businesses have been taken advantage of by nerd herds that do not have YOUR company’s success as their true goal. Enter Cor Digital Technology, Media & Design. A true 100% solution for the small business for one reason, helping you and your company succeed to where you want it to go is our only goal. Period.

This is not simply a mantra we have hanging in the office, it is our true desire. We don’t accept just anyone as a customer. We only accept the persons and companies that desire true success. We take them there with a plan tailored to you, not just a numbers game from some saleperson and their charts. How many of you have gotten the sales call of some company promising to make you #1 in search engines? How many of you spent thousands of dollars on a website only to find out it did nothing to help your business. How many small businesses have listened to marketing consultants about search engine optimization, meta tags, and all kinds of tech talk that simply left you with less money in your pocket?

We know exactly how you feel. Our team has a combined experience history in the technical and media field of over 30 years. One of the persons on our board is a national best-selling author that writes about true success in every person’s life. He inspires people all over the globe to unleash their natural potential for success. It is with that guidance that we use to determine if your company and ours can enter into a relationship.

In a nutshell, Cor Digital Technology Media & Design is here to:

Help you figure out what you really want
Give you the solutions to get you there
Walk with you to remove any barriers to your success

No other “tech” company in the world wants you to succeed like we do. We have no competition. We are unlike any other company in the world. We care about our customers, we care about our employees, and simply, we care. How long has it been that you felt like the customer was “cared” for? How many times have you went to a business where the end result, your satisfaction,  from the employees was not their goal? Think about this, why do anything, like eat at a restaurant, that the employee does not care what the end result will be? Why do you feel like you are worth the results of a person that does not care?

We change that within you. We change your company. We change you.

Why Choose Us

  • 1

    We only want your success.

    Many companies say this, we mean it. In fact, we turn down more business than we accept simply because not every business and/or business owner is ready with a plan to succeed. So for that, we give guidance before we give service. We want your business and mentatility to be one with momentum. If you don’t have the right mindset, nothing we can do for you will take you where you want to be if you are our number one impedance.

  • 2

    Partnership not salesmanship.

    We have nothing to sell you. Yes, we provide services needed by every business and we could sell every business our services, however, it is not numbers that guide us. Our underlying principle is simple, if you wish to succeed, we can and will provide the solution and the spark. We will be in the boat together as we steer it towards your goals and your destinations, not ours.

  • 3

    No more tech talk.

    If you desire to hear jargon, visit your local nerd herd and ask them what you should do with your website and business. You will hear all the tech talk you need. When you are ready to hear how we will implement the latest technology to reach your goals, come to us. We simply talk in business terms with your desires in mind. We can spew tech talk, but why? We have nothing to hide for what we are going to do for you. There are too many “questionable” companies that call small businesses, talk tech to confuse and finally just raid your wallet. Straight talk about your success is the key to our partnership and creating a bond that is rarely seen in companies today.

The Most Creative Ideas

Each and every business has its own unique business proposition. We uncover that by listening to you. We capitalize on that unique positioning with creative ways to show the world, simply put, YOU. We utilize our unique talent to find out the most creative ways to highlight your positives to the world. Every business has it, we uncover it!

Our Work Team

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