Stick Realty Services is a real estate, marketing and sales organization formed to provide consulting and support services to the public, lenders and the real estate community.


In this real estate market, special skills are needed to assess, manage, market, buy and sell assets.  Stick Realty Services’ principals have over 30 years of extensive marketing, research, development and sales expertise with all product types including homes, commercial, retail, condominiums and mixed-use developments.  


In addition to working directly with owners, where needed, the company will work closely with third party professionals including attorneys, engineers, bankers, contractors, management companies, realtors and auctioneers.


Stick Realty Services also has over 20 years of experience in special assets marketing, using the accelerated approach – the Auction method.  We have sold over hundreds of properties offering this method.  It may surprise you to know that in some countries including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, the auction method of selling real estate is preferred.  If a property does not sell at auction then it goes into a multiple listing service (MLS).  


The time value of money “getting it sooner than later” is a significant factor in this process. A special note to our realtor friends -  Stick Realty Services can design an auction sales program that can end up costing your client less sales commission dollars while protecting your full fee.  Call us for details.


If you are a realtor, builder, developer, lender or property owner let the Thibodeaux’s help you or your client with that valuable real estate asset.